Mod Motor vs The World

Mod Motor vs The World


WINNER: $10,000
Runner Up: $2,500

Tech Card: $300

Includes: 1 Car, 1 Racer Ticket, 1 Truck, 1 Trailer, and 1 Pit Vehicle (ATV/Golf Cart)


Engine Diaper or Catch Pan is REQUIRED!

  • NHRA Safety Rules Apply
  • 1/8 Mile Race
  • Heads Up
  • .400 Pro Tree
  • Pro Ladder
  • Open to all makes, models and most engines (see Extreme 28 rules below)
  • NO DOUBLE ENTRIES — if you enter this class, you cannot enter any other drag race class
  • All-Run Field
  • Courtesy Stage (encouraged)


FL2K Extreme 28 Rules apply!  Click Here > Extreme 28

Turbo Crossbolts
Turbo crossbolts 3” from the turbine wheel for safety are mandatory.

Beam Tripper
A front beam tripper is permitted but can only extend 45” forward of the centerline of the front wheel.

Engine Coolant
Only water is permitted in the coolant system. Antifreeze or other additives are prohibited.

Import engines in Domestic bodies or Domestic engines in Import bodies are prohibited. All cars must be either Import bodied/powered or Domestic bodied/powered.

Crossover Rules
The crossover classes below run under their own set of class rules and ignore the WCF rulebook. You must be legal with your rulebook unless there is as a parity adjustment in the table below. In some cases, a crossover class may need an adjustment to be sped up or slowed down to make parity at WCF. If your car fits multiple crossover classes, then choose the one gives you the most advantage.

Engine Containment Device
Engine diaper or catch pan device to capture oil and/or debris is mandatory. If a catch pan device is used, catch pan must have a minimum 2-inch-high lip on all sides. Lips must be covered or curved inward, so as to contain oil in pan. Catch pan must cover entire area below the engine. Catch pan must extend from radiator support to firewall and from frame rail to frame rail. In all cases, lips must be adequate enough to contain oil in the catch pan. Should a competitor spill excessive oil from the catch pan and debris onto the track, he or she may be disqualified from further competition at the sole and absolute discretion of the event director.

All cars may run 3/4 chassis but must retain firewall and OEM strut towers in OEM location and be within 2” of OEM wheelbase. VW cars must use OEM frame only. Aftermarket “K” members are permitted.

All cars must utilize stock mounting points for front suspension in the stock location. Any type rear suspension is permitted. Aftermarket front and rear control arms, struts, and shocks are permitted. Sub-frame connectors are permitted. Wheelie bars are permitted on all cars.

OEM glass or lexan windows are permitted. If you are using aftermarket doors or lexan windows, then a steel frame around the lexan window or a window latch is required.

Any type transmission is permitted. Trans-brakes are permitted. Aftermarket bell housings are permitted.

Any style clutch is permitted.

Any style shifter is permitted. Strain gauges are permitted.

Any fuel is permitted.

OEM or Aftermarket blocks are permitted.

Turbochargers are measured at the inducer wheel where the leading edge of the inducer wheel meets the housing. Compressor cover must be unmodified, it must be run the way it comes from the manufacturer. No porting of the surge port allowed.

Nitrous Oxide
Any style nitrous oxide system is permitted for combinations that allow nitrous oxide. If nitrous oxide is not permitted for your combination, then bottles and solenoids must be removed from car and nitrous nozzles must be capped.

Slicks or DOT bias ply tires are limited to 32.0”x14.5” or 33″x10.5W” (Tires are checked by sidewall designation)
Radials limited to 275/60/15