Typically, we handle this at tech when the driver brings the car for inspection. Tech will be located at the scales, just like FL2k. Scales were calibrated shortly before FL2K and should be good to go.


Racers & Crew will receive an event wristband when they arrive at the track, which represents the purchase of a tech card or full event/crew ticket. (just like any other race). Racers/Crew will go to tech to sign the event waiver and will receive a starting line wristband which must be worn in addition to the band received at the gate when entering the event.  It is helpful if they all go together as a team, but not mandatory. Only persons who have purchased a tech card or full event pass/wristband will be allowed to sign the waiver. Spectators will have a different wristband for Full event tickets. All parties signing the waiver must be 18 years of age. If a Minor (16-17 yoa) needs a starting line pass, they must have a Parent or Legal Guardian* sign for them. If a crew member cannot go to tech with the Driver, we allow drivers to give crew names to tech for any crew who may be arriving later in the weekend. Late-arriving crew members will need to go to tech to sign the waiver and receive the starting line band.

What are the hours of operations for


Gates open at 8am and will officially close at
8pm. Exceptions will be made for racers/crew that coordinate with Justin.


If I puchased tickets/tech card
at the gate, do you take credit cards?

Yes. Cash and Card.


What is the Bradenton radio
broadcast channel? 



Where do we park our racecars
at BMP?

The west side of the track is reserved for
racers who have prepaid to the with their teams. Open racer parking is on the
east side of the track. First come, first served. 


There are two staging lanes,
which staging lanes will I need to go to for my class? 

Tune in to 95.3 radio station and stay close
to the tower and ask questions on Thurs/Friday. We’ll keep it easy for everyone
and consistent with lane calls. 


There are two ticket booths
(east and west), which ticket booth will print my ticket? 

Both sides will print tickets (except for No
Time Invitational)


For No Time Invitational, where
do I go to pick up my timeslip? 

You’ll go to the tower to pick up your
timeslip. Will be password protected. 


Is there racing fuel available
on site? 


Fuel Available at Pump: VP 101, VP 110, VP
112, VP M1 

VP Pails: M1, C12, C14, C16, Q16, C23, C25,
NO2, X16

Ignite Pails: E85, E98, 114


Is there ice available at the

Yes. But if you are a heavy user of ice, it
may be a good idea to have a plan to hit local gas stations. 


Are there power (30a/50a) power
spots for my RV? 

No, unfortunately there aren’t power spots at
BMP. Please plan to bring a generator 


Is there concrete parking at

There is an effort to pave a lot of BMP parking but there is a lot
of grass parking. It may be a good idea to buy some pit mats if you don’t like
working on your car in grass


Can I buy racer tickets at the

Yes. We’ll also have a FOAT website to
purchase from but not mandatory. Only class you can’t buy at the gate is No
Time Invitational (invite only). 



I want to get my chassis NHRA
Certified, can I do that during ModNartionals? 

Please go to by scales on the southwest side
of the track and coordinate with the NHRA chassis certifier. He will be on
site, Friday Nov 10 from 8:30-5pm and Saturday, Nov 11th, 8am-1pm. Try to
coordinate with him early Friday morning so he can set his schedule for you to
arrive. $235/car 


Do children
need a ticket? 

Children 15 and younger are free


Can I bring in a cooler or

Spectators are not allowed to
bring coolers in through the spectator gates. Food and beverages will be
available from the concessions on both the permanent east concession stand and
the west pavilion concession. There will also be select vendors offering food
and beverages along the vendor midway.


Are dogs allowed? 

Yes, your furry friends are
welcome to join you at ModNationals


Can I bring my side-by-side,
atv, golf cart or pit bike as a spectator?

No, spectators are not allowed to
bring any vehicles onto the premises. There are no exceptions. Do not bring
them because you will not be allowed to bring them inside the grounds. 


No. There is free parking
available for spectators in the west lot before reaching the racetrack. There
will be signs indicating where to turn. There is plenty of parking available
for all spectators. Oversized vehicles such as recreational vehicles, campers,
trailers, buses, etc. are not allowed in this parking area. If you have one of
these vehicles, see below.


Parking inside the gates is
intended for racer’s trailers/rigs
and support vehicles, and other approved vehicles. There are a limited number
of pit parking passes available for purchase, but if you do not need to park
inside the gates to support a racer or team, or vendor, then spectator parking is
where you should park. And it’s free!


Yes. Camper and RV parking is
allowed with a pre-purchased pass. You must also purchase a full event pass in
order to purchase a camper and RV parking pass. There will be a limited amount
of these spots available and once they are gone they are gone. Camper and RV
parking passes are available on the tickets page.  All RV passes are good
Thursday-Sunday and you can stay on the grounds overnight.  There are not
hookups for water/power, but water trucks will be circling multiple times per


Yes. There is
handicap parking available in the spectator lot as close to the entrance as
possible. If you are planning to attend the event and need additional
assistance or considerations, please contact info@bradentonmotorsports.com.