Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the SGMP Radio Station
A: 97.1 


Q: What is the name of the SGMP Timeslip App for Smart Phones? 

Q: What is the name of the Septic Service to remove Black/Grey water and provide fresh water fill up?
A: Milo’s Septic an Portable Restrooms – 229-356-0857 

Q: How do I reserve a Golf Cart from Shivers? 
A: Call their Tifton Location – 229-386-0678 – At this time, I don’t know if they’ll be able to bring the carts to the track. Each tech card bought includes truck, trailer and golf cart/atv. Additional golf cart/atv is $25/each. Spectators bringing in a a rented golf cart or personally owned golf cart is $25/each.

Q: Where is ModNationals located?
A: ModNationals is located at South Georgia Motorsports Park between the dates of Nov 10-13 2022. Address: 2521 Hwy US-41, Adel, GA 31620

Q: When does Qualifying Start?
A: Qualifying starts at 10am on Friday, November 11th, 2022

Q: Is it cash only at the SGMP Gates?
A: Yes, cash only when you show up at SGMP.

Q: Who is prepping the track this year?
A: TJ Bailey is coming to ModNationals this year! 

Q: Will there be VP Racing Fuel at the track?
Yes, SGMP will have the most popular fuel available (C85, Q16, C16, C10, M1). If you want something exotic from VP, let us know ASAP.

Q. Is there ice available at the track?
A: Yes, but it runs out fast so plan to bring your own ice. Don’t depend on the track being able to keep up with the demand.

Q: When is testing before ModNationals starts?
A: Testing is on Thursday, November 10th, 2022 for $150. You have to pre-register with Justin Young to get in on the test event. You must have a ModNationals tech card in order to run the test session. You’ll pay at the gate.

Q: Is there a Test and Tune class at ModNationals?
A: We added a Test and Tune class that be ran as a “class” during the event. The cost will be $150 and only be open for those who have a tech card from another class or have a Modular/Coyote setup that doesn’t fit in a specific class. Instead of entering another class to just be a class filler to get more runs, this will be another option for you.

Q: When do the gates open and how long do they stay open?
A: Gates open on Wednesday from 12pm-5pm on Wednesday for early racer parking and tech. Gates open Thursday – Sunday at 8am and will stay open until 8pm. If you need emergency entrance, contract Justin Young @ 702-556-0211. VENDORS CAN ENTER ALL DAY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY to setup vendor booths.

Q: Can I get my cage certified at ModNationals?
A: Cage Certification won’t be available this year.

Q: Can I dual enter classes at ModNationals?
A: Yes, you can run as many classes as you want. You just need to be able to qualify for each class to be in eliminations. It’s the racers responsibility to know the run order and schedule. If you just want extra runs, buy a Test and Tune class entry.

Q: Will ModNationals/Mod Motor Mustangs sell merchandise? Do they also take cash?
A: Yes, ModNationals will have their booth and no, we will take cash but we also will have a card swipe machine. We will not hold merchandise for anyone. First come, first serve.

Q: Will there a live feed?
A: Other than Facebook Live feeds from our spectators/racers, there will be no official ModNationals live feed.

Q: Will there be security at the track?
A: Yes, there will be security at the gate and roaming security. However, do not leave expensive items out in the open and use some common sense. We haven’t had an issue at SGMP so please let’s police each other and look out for others. As the race gets bigger, some people may try to get in and try to ruin it.

Q: When does Tech Inspection Start?
A: Tech Starts on Wednesday between 12pm-6pm, Thursday 10-7pm, and Friday starting at 8am. Qualifying starts at 10am on Friday so it’s highly encouraged to get to tech as soon as you can.

Q: How many Qualifying passes will I get?
A: It varies class to class. Grudge, True Street, Open Comp will get less qualifying runs because they have eliminations on Saturday. The other classes, we plan to get a minimum of three runs per day. No promises but we’ll try to get you atleast six qualifying passes before eliminations Sunday.

Q: How many Qualifying runs will True Street, Open Comp and Grudge get?
A: The plan is to get 3 qualifying runs on Friday and one qualifying run on Saturday before we go into Eliminations. Open Comp will set their index on their qualifying run on Saturday. On Sunday, Open Comp will run again with another qualifying run to start the day that will set their index.

Q: If I have a complaint, what do I do?
A: If it involved logistics of the race (ie: someone parked in my spot, vendor issue, not racing related), contact Justin Young. If you have a complaint about anything regarding the race, contact Lonnie in the tower. Lonnie is the race director and handles everything regarding the execution of the race