Modular Truck

Sponsored by Beefcake Racing 


WINNER: $3,500
RUNNER UP: $1,500

NOTICE: Rules are subject to change without notice.

Modular Truck is open to all years, makes, and make/model trucks utilizing a late model Ford overhead cam V8 engine. SUVs are also allowed in the class. This class will run the same Open Comp format with a 1-tenth (1/10th) breakout.

Qualifying Information, Ladder Type, & Tree
The class will be qualified by positive reaction time (r/t) closest to “.000” based on a Pro .500 Tree. “.000” is a perfect reaction time. Any negative reaction time (-.001, -1.000, etc) will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying ladder. The more negative the reaction time, the further down the ladder the runs will be placed. For times when identical reaction times are made, qualifying position will be based on a first come, first served based. The first occurrence of the same reaction time will be placed first, and the second occurrence, placed second and so on.

All Run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, Pro. 500 Tree, Handicap Start, autostart, courtesy Stage.

A 32 or less field will be laddered on a sportsman ladder. A 33 or greater field will be randomly paired and run until the field reaches 32 cars or less. Car placement on this ladder will be determined based on reaction time.

If weather has caused the loss of one or more rounds of qualifying sessions, any entrants not qualified will be required to choose an index from the following list: 15.7, 15.0, 14.0, 13.0, 12.0, 11.0, 10.0, 9.0, 8.5. Competitors must submit their index to the race director on the last day of qualifying. Competitors will compete with their chosen index through eliminations. Any competitor who fail to submit their index on qualifying day will automatically be assigned to the 15.70 index.

Class Rules
Any Truck with a late-model Ford based V8 overhead-cam engine. Any modifications, vehicle weight or power adders allowed. Electronically controller, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic shifters prohibited. 2 steps are ok.

Body Rules
All body panels and hood will be on the vehicle. Aftermarket hoods ok. Any glass ok.

Spindle-mount front wheels prohibited.

Racing Aids
Delay boxes, cross-over boxes, or any “reaction-time related” electronic bracket racing aids not allowed in this class. All Electronic throttle stops and related throttle-stop type accessories prohibited. All Transbrake buttons must be on the approved NHRA list.

Lane Choice
During qualifying and eliminations, it is the responsibility of the competitors to determine lane choice. If the competitors are unable to establish lane choice, a staging official will make the determination in the manner he/she chooses (i.e., coin flip, random, faster car, etc)

The driver when in the vehicle, from the ready line until the vehicle is safely stopped on the return road, is required to have all safety restraint systems (including the helmet) on and be securely fastened in the vehicle at all times.