Outlaw All-Motor

NOTICE: Rules are subject to Change without Notice.

Overview:  This class is designed for all Naturally Aspirated Modular Motors in any Ford bodied car or truck.   Nitrous, Turbos and Superchargers are prohibited. This class will be run on a .400 Pro Tree. Non-class built Naturally Aspirated combinations will be allowed with the stipulation that if the Non-Class built car runs .3 faster  then the number one qualified class built car (Class Built includes CS crossover cars) in qualifying or eliminations will result in the disqualification of that Non-class built car.  This will help us keep parody in the class for the first year.

NMRA Coyote Stock Cross Over:  Rules will be the same as NMRA except the base weight, see below, All Motor Fuel Rules and any tune may be ran.

NMRA FACTORY STOCK CROSSOVER: Rules will be the same as NMRA except the base weight will be 550lbs lighter, All Motor Fuel Rules and any tune may be ran

Ladder: Sportsman Ladder

Safety Rules:  Participants must meet NHRA safety rules, see NHRA rule book.  Seat Belts, Helmets and any protective clothing will be checked for the correct safety rating and dates of certification.

Body:  Aftermarket hoods, bumpers and trunk lids allowed.  Must have stock doors and fenders.   Hoods may be bolt on or lift off style.  Hoods may not be modified for air intake purposes.  Hood only allowed to be modified for clearance issues.

Glass:   Vehicles may have aftermarket front windshield and rear window(I.E. Optic Armor).  Side glass for doors and rear quarters must be OEM glass.  Door glass must be able to be rolled up and down.

Lights:  Vehicle must have functioning taillights and head lights.  Front headlight is not allowed to be removed for improved intake induction.

Interior:  No requirements for the interior.

Engines:  4.6L 2V, 3V and 4V.  5.0L Coyote and NMRA Coyote Stock Engines.

Engine            Max Cubic Inch          Base Weight

4.6L 2V               289 CI                        2625lbs.

4.6L 3V               289 CI                        2750lbs.

4.6L 4V               289 CI                        2925lbs.

5.0L C                 304 CI                        3100 lbs.

NMRA CS             N/A                          2750 lbs.


Scaling:   Car weight is with the driver in the drivers seat.  Weight will be rounded down to the closest 5lb increment.  I.E if car weighs 2704lbs. it will be rounded down to 2700lbs.

Intakes:  Any OEM or aftermarket intake allowed.  Intakes may be ported, welding/epoxying is prohibited.  All incoming air must pass through an air filter.  4.6L 2v and 4v may be Carburated/EFI all other combinations must be EFI.  Any aftermarket CAI is allowed and Mass Air Sensor may be no larger than 90mm except for the Coyote Engine.  Coyote Engine allowed to run aftermarket intake tube with a max diameter of 107mm at the mass air sensor. Modified 5.0L (Non CS) allowed to run stock, GT350 or Boss Intake Manifolds only.

Carburetor:  One 750 CFM or smaller carburetor allowed.

EFI:  Any fuel injectors allowed.  Any Ford EFI allowed and Holley EFI allowed, add 50lbs to Base Weight for Holley EFI.  Any tuner may be used with Ford EFI system.

Throttle Body:  All combos allowed to run any aftermarket throttle body, with the exception that a 4 barrel style throttle body is prohibited.

Cylinder Head/Valvetrain:  Any Factory Ford Produced cylinder head allowed on all combos.  The 4.6L 2V may use the Trick Flow 2V Cylinder Head, add 100lbs to base weight.  Porting allowed on all heads, welding can only be utilized for repairs.  All Cylinder heads limited to a 42CC combustion chamber and  no smaller.  Any valves are permitted except Titanium Valves are prohibited with any valve job permitted.  No restrictions on valve springs and Titanium Valve Locks and Valve retainers may be used.  Must run hydraulic lash adjusters.  No restrictions on the followers. 

Camshafts:  All combos allowed .550 Lift Cams.

Pistons:  Any piston allowed, but must have three rings.  Pistons may be gas ported.

Rods:  No alumium rods allowed.  Rods must utilize a .866’ wrist pin.  Rod must be 5.993” in length.

Crankshaft:  Must maintain stock stroke within .010”+/-.   Main journal must be .010”+/-  within the stock diameter.  Rod journal  to be no smaller than 2.0”.

Crankcase Ventilation:  No vacuum pumps allowed.  Breathers allowed.

Oil Pump:  Wet sump allowed.  Dry sump not allowed.

Balancer:  Must be SFI rated

Alternator:  Not required.

Water Pump/Radiator:  Any radiator and water pump allowed.  All participants must run water, antifreeze is not allowed.

Fuel/Fuel Pump:  Any electrical or mechanical fuel pump allowed.  Running fuel through any type of cooler is prohibited.  Fuel checks will be performed.  A removal valve must be placed in the engine compartment for removal of fuel.  Allowed Fuels:  C10, C12, C14, C14+ and C16.  Oxygenated fuels are prohibited.

Exhaust:  All entries allowed tubular headers with a Max OD of 1.75”.  Collector must be no larger than 3”.  Mufflers required.  Exhaust max OD is 3.0”.  Exhaust may exit from 12” in front of the rear axle to the rear bumper.

Transmission:  Any manual transmission allowed.  Must have H pattern type shifter.  Automatic Transmission allowed  and can deduct 50lbs from base weight.

Clutch/Flywheel:  Clutch and Flywheel must be SFI rated.  Clutch minimum diameter is 10”.   Clutch must be operated by clutch pedal which can be by cable or hydraulic.

Converter/Flexplate:  Must be SFI rated.

Bellhousing:  Must be SFI rated.

Driveshaft:  Driveshaft may be steel or aluminum.  Carbon fiber driveshaft prohibited.                                                                                                               

Rearend:  Any rearend allowed and any gears allowed.

Rear Suspension:  Coil Overs for the rear are not allowed except for cars with minitubs and ladder bars not allowed.  The upper and lower control arms must mount to the body in the stock location.  Relocation brackets can be used on the rear end side.

Wheels:  Any wheels are permitted.  All entries allowed to have minitubs.  Coil overs only allowed with minittubs.                                                                

Wheelie Bars:  Prohibited

Tires:  Dot or Bias Ply racing slicks allowed.  Tires maximum width is 10.75” and maximum height is 28.0”.

Front Suspension:  Any aftermarket K-Member allowed.  Front wheels may not be staggered.  Coil Overs are allowed to be run in the front.

Brakes:  Any hydraulic brakes allowed.

Traction Control:  No traction control devices allowed.

Dataloggers: Any allowed

Towing: Towing is allowed to the staging lanes and after the car has been scaled.  No towing across the scales.  If car breaks on a pass is the only time a car can be towed to the scales.